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Saggio: Gli Stress Psichici Causa Di Tutte Le Malattie 1970

Libro: Medicina Anno Zero 1983

Periodico: La Medicina Dell'Avvenire 1980-1988


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Psychic Stress The Cause of all Diseases 1970

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Salvatore Murgia (1906-1988)

Salvatore Murgia

Born in Seulo, (which at the time was in the province of Nuoro but is now in the province of  Cagliari) into a family of modest means, he was to have had a technical education but the reforms introduced by Minister Gentile in 1923 meant that his school became a Scientific Liceo, from which he gained the diploma in 1925.
At that time he did not continue his studies and began working in Armungia as a temporary secretary for the town council. In 1928 he was taken on as permanent secretary to the town council of Seulo and in 1930 was transferred to Perdasdefogu because he was held responsible for local unrest towards the town administrator (during the Fascist period all local mayors were replaced by party selected administrators). In 1931 he returned to Seulo having passed the civil service exam as town secretary. In November 1933 (by which stage he was married with 3 children- he would eventually have 8) he enrolled in the faculty of medicine of the University of Cagliari. While studying he also, together with his brother Giacomo, helped 20 young men, most of whom were from economically disadvantaged families, to study to become Primary school teachers. In December 1935 he left the civil service and moved to Cagliari, while continuing both his medical studies and voluntary teaching.
Having graduated in Medicine and Surgery in 1939 he worked for a variety of villages as a GP until accepting a permanent post in  Decimoputzu – Villaspeciosa in 1949.He left in1975 and retired as a GP in1982 at 77. Despite his age he worked unceasingly on the theory that all diseases have psychological causes (which he called ‘the law of Health’). To this end he founded the ‘Centre for the study of  the Mind and Health’ (Centro di Studio Mente e Salute) and, between 1980 and the end of his life, published, if somewhat intermittently, the journal ‘Medicine to come’ (La medicina dell'avvenire). With the publication of Volume one of Medicina Anno Zero he wanted to underline the urgent need for a detailed re-examination of the theories and practices of an official medicine that was in crisis in order for it to become truly scientific and capable of really curing.